My New Best Friend – Frankincense


I don’t know how I lived without this beautiful woody essential oil!!

Frankincense, also known as ‘King of all oils’ has so many benefits for your body, you would be crazy not to try it!

I place two drops of this beast under my tongue every morning, it tastes bitter, but after a while you learn to love it as you know it’s doing so many amazing things for your temple.

I could list all the benefits of Frankincense but the list would go on for days….therefore, I will share with you the benefits I LOVE.


I found Frankincense works perfectly for my anxiety. I used to get butterflies before walking though a door, playing out many scenarios in my head of what’s going to be behind that door. But now, after my two drops under my tongue, I no longer have that chatter in my head – I feel free and calm.

We all have a little anxiety, but when its affecting your everyday life, including your work and social life, you start to get down on yourself. I needed something and found that Frankincense does the trick for me!

In addition to Frankincense, Lavender has been great for upcoming stressful situations, it settles the nervous tension and puts me in a positive, calm place. You can put two drop of this under your tongue as well.


Frankincense has been found to reduce cancer cells from forming. As a cancer survivor myself, I will try anything to stay in remission. Before my love of oil, my cancer markers were at 15, now there at a stable 8, which is classified as normal (hooray for me!). I don’t know if it’s a coincident or not, but all I know is, I will be sticking with this oil for the rest of my life.


Using this oil as part of your beauty regime can help with the cellular growth in your skin. Add a few drops to your toner, moisturiser and face wash for tighter, glowing skin. I also made a roller ball bottle with Frankincense and fractionated coconut oil. I use this before bed and I notices my pores were tighter, there was less blemishes and my skin was so soft in just one week. Try a before and after for yourself and see the amazing difference.

Other benefits include, anti-inflammatory, immunity, ulcers, coughs, arthritis and memory just to name a few.

You can purchase your own bottle of Frankincense at my doTERRA page:

If you want to get Frankincense at wholesale price, please contact me and we can talk about you joining my community of Wellness Advocates.


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2 thoughts on “My New Best Friend – Frankincense

  1. Very informative. When my son was at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT, one of the practitioners used essential oils to help him with pain. It’s great.


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