Essential Oils

Top 10 Essential Oils – Home Essentials Kit


The top 10 essential oils are Oregano, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, DigestZen, Easy Air, Frankincense, Ice Blue, Cedarwood and Tea Tree.

I have provided a brief summary of what these beautiful essential oil oils can do.

Ice Blue – Athletic Blend – Pure Muscle Deep Heat Rub

Applying Ice Blue Essential Oil to sore muscles will relieve them instantly with the natural deep heat sensation.

Lavender – Universal Oil

This essential oil balances the body and works wherever there is a need. Lavender can help with anxiety, arthritis, asthma, body system balance, bronchitis, bruises, cold sores, earaches, fainting, relieve headaches, reduce high blood pressure, nervous tension and skin conditions. This can be applied topically without diluting for direct relief, few drops diffused and 1 drop under the tongue for emotional support. Purchase your bottle of Lavender here for $37.55 retail or join and save.

Frankincense – The ‘King of Oils’


Peppermint – Pick me up

Use in the morning to get brighten yourself up. Use on your temples to loosen head tension such as headaches and migraines. Use in tea to settle stomach upsets.

Cedarwood – Earthy Woody Tones

Cedarwood essential oil is great for sleep and relaxations, the woody earthy aromas are enjoyable after a big day.

DigestZen – Internal Blend

Add to water or tea to settle an upset stomach.

Easy Air
Easy Air – Clear Blend

Use Easy Air essential oil to clear a blocked or runny nose. Use before bed to get a great night sleep.

Lemon – Cleaning Gem

Combine lemon essential oil with equal parts vinegar & water to a spray bottle to clean all the surfaces of your home.

Oregano – Immunity Booster & Flavor Maker

Rub Oregano Essential Oil on the bottom of your feet or add to your Italian dishes to get added flavour while receiving all the immunity boosting properties of this oil.

If you wish to purchase any of these oils separately, please click here.

If you wish to start your essential oil journey with a bang, order all 10 oils in the Home Essential Oil pack and get a free diffuser – Click  here and follow the steps.  Another great advantage of buying the Home Essentials Pack, is you will become a member of the Health Happy Life Tribe with great essential oil guides and support.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


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